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The 12 Best American History Term Paper Topics You Wouldn’t Think Of

Here are some great term paper topic that you can write about for your American History class that you probably didn’t think about.

  1. Civil Rights Movement
  2. The civil rights movement majorly impacted the United States. Take a unique stand and discuss how the incident affected the majority groups instead of how the minority groups were affected by the changes.

  3. Women Journalists during World War II
  4. Discuss the women journalists that wrote during war time. Write about Therese Bonney who photographed homeless children and adults in Europe which affected many millions of American viewers.

  5. American folk songs
  6. Describe how the old folk songs effected the people of the times. They made a big impact on the life of the people.

  7. Evolution of the Democratic Party
  8. Show how democrats have evolved over the years. You can analyze how their policies have changed or how the members changed.

  9. Gay rights movement
  10. You can write about the gay rights movement and the quest to become equal throughout the country.

  11. Inuit Native Americans
  12. Write about this tribe of Native Americans. Write about their contributions to the New World.

  13. Reconstruction after the Civil War
  14. A lot of students will write about the Civil War. You can write about the period after the Civil War.

  15. Alleged Rigging of the 2000 Presidential election
  16. This is an interesting topic that you can write your paper on. Could a computer software program flip votes to rig an election?

  17. Trail of Tears
  18. You can talk about the relocation of many native groups in the early 1800’s. The 1830 Indian Removal Act pushed for the relocation of Native American groups.

  19. Chinese Immigration to California
  20. Between 1850 and 1925, there was a major Chinese immigration to California. Describe the Chinese contributions to business, commerce, art, and architecture.

  21. San Francisco’s Great Earthquake and Fire
  22. Talk about the before and after and the long term effects on the city. The catastrophic 1906 incident really changed the city.

  23. Maritime Perspective of expansion
  24. Look into the expansion to the New World by sea. You can look up who and what was brought to the New World.

There are twelve off topics that you can write about. You probably won’t see anyone else in your class writing about the same topic. Unless they read this article of course.

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