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Where To Get A Sample Research Paper Using The Chicago Style

Among the three styles of writing, Chicago style is considered by some of the professors only. As soon as the students go through the instruction guidelines and come to know that they have to write their research paper in Chicago style, they feel little hesitation as it is most uncommon among all, but remember the fact is that it is one among the easiest ways of writing.

Now the question arises, where to find such samples?

Once you have located the sources, following parameters will help you in analyzing the authenticity of the source-

Ask yourself a few questions and make the judgment accordingly-

  1. Am I using the primary source or the secondary source? Remember, the facts and figures employed in primary sources are more authenticated in contrast to the secondary sources.
  2. Is the source is written by a professional of the field? If this is the case, you can trust to a great level. An expert is highly respected in his field. She/he holds authority on the subject and information offered by them is highly valuable.
  3. Is the information sufficient enough to make you begin writing? The main motto of asking this question is to make you understand if the facts and figures are enough to start the writing with supportive evidences. The author should support his opinions citing explanation.
  4. Is the information latest or obsolete? Research work is based on the recent findings and not merely collection of outdated data.
  5. Is the information is prejudiced? If yes, never consider it to be a trustworthy source.

If all the above prerequisites are met, you can follow the guidelines of Chicago style and make your presence eminent everywhere.

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