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10 Tips To Help You Write A Research Paper In The MLA Format

There are many formats of writing and MLA format is one of them. The MLA format stands for the Modern Language Association. It is used to format manuscripts and to write in English language. The use of MLA format is to resist the writer from plagiarism, the article written by other writer. Before writing research paper in MLA style the researcher must learn the format first.

Student should be aware of the MLA format along with other formats because in the course of education they have to come across with many formats of writing. If the students want to learn any format then the most important thing they have to focus on is the basic. If they will learn basic of any writing format then it will be easy to write. Learning basic is as if to learn formula of maths. Once you will learn then no problem will arise. While writing paper in MLA format one should keep these things in mind. Here 10 tips are given to write paper in MLA format.

  1. At first take a print out from computer.
  2. In MLA format should be written in two contrasting style italics and the regular. The size of the font should not be exceeded from 12pt.
  3. Like general format use one space in between two words and punctuation marks.
  4. 1 inch margin is required in all four sides.
  5. In any format header and footer is required. So you need to create header and footer and follow rules as guided by the instructor.
  6. The use of italics is recommended to write your entire essay.
  7. You should make any title page if it is not requested to so.
  8. In the left corner you should write your name along with instructor’s name. Also mention the date and course name. Do not forget to give double space.
  9. Something you should keep in mind while writing such as not to use underline and put your title in quotation.
  10. Whenever you refer others work then you can use quotation or italics.

Learning new things will grow confidence within you but sometime it takes very long time to learn. The student should keep patience while learning. Learning MLA format is not very tough though at the beginning it may seem that it is very difficult. Everything will be smooth with the continuous practice. Start writing and make it habit it will come automatically.

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