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10 Good Suggestions On How To Compose A Research Paper Conclusion

The conclusion of your research paper is as important or even more important than the introduction. It’s the part where you show that all your hard work had a purpose, and that you obtain what you wanted. After your professor will read the conclusion he will decide either your composition is good or bad. You want him to have a good impression, so here are 10 good suggestions for your project:

  1. Don’t write too much. I know that you are tempted to explore other ideas, but you should do this in the middle of your research paper, not in the end. Try to limit yourself to two paragraphs.
  2. Don’t use a different language. If you wrote all your composition in a friendly way, don’t become strict and serious at the end. It is just another part of your paper, not a separate element.
  3. Let them know what the conclusion is. To do this, you can simply use expressions as “in conclusion” or something similar.
  4. Don’t write your personal opinion. Of course, you can do this at the end of the composition but it is not the conclusion itself.
  5. Mention how you reached to this idea. You need to have a few arguments to support your statement, and your personal option is not enough.
  6. Was this the expected result? In the beginning of the paper you usually say what are you hoping to obtain. At the end, you can say if you reached your goal or not. In both cases, explain how.
  7. Try not to use quotations. You can make an exception if you use expressions as “ As this person said in his book, I reached to the conclusion that...”.
  8. Don’t bring new evidence. In your entire research paper you worked with several ideas, arguments or facts. You can not just bring new facts on the table at the end of the composition. This will be confusing for everyone.
  9. Make sure it is highly relevant to the content. If you write about something else, no reader will understand what you want to say. You need to remain on the same topic and do not try to approach a new subject.
  10. Don’t bring definitions and complicated terms. You had plenty of time to do this by now. In this moment all you have to do is to bring closure.

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