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What To Include In An APA Format Research Paper In Biochemistry

If you are to create a research paper in biochemistry, then you may be already very worried about it. The subject seems tough for those who do not have an interest or experience with it. For research papers, it is important to use the right format and style if you want to score well and get a good grade. Your teacher will specify the instructions for you and you will have to stick to them if you want to succeed. If your teacher likes you to write your research paper following the APA format, then here are some important things to remember

What is APA?

APA stands for American psychological association and is a popular style manual for academic papers. Generally you will use a standard sized paper with one inch margin on all sides in this format. The font you use should be clear and readable like Arial or Times new roman and the size should be 12 points

What to include in an APA paper

Generally the structure of research paper assignments stays the same, and for APA here are the four major sections you must include in your paper

  1. The title page
  2. The title page is optional for other formats but this one requires you to must include this page on the front. It does not have anything difficult rather you simply have to enter the name of the author, the affiliation with the institute and other small details about the paper. You will have a running header on the title page. The title should not be more than 12 words according to APA and you should avoid using abbreviations and jargons in it

  3. Abstract
  4. After the title page, you will have an abstract to give an overview about your project. Write the word abstract centered on a new page without any formatting like bold, italics or underline etc. Ideally the length of the abstract is 150-250 words for APA style. It include the summary of the key points in your paper and includes your topic of the research, questions of research, methods, result, data analysis and conclusion in the most precise way possible

  5. Main body
  6. This is how the rest of the research papers are. Just make sure you include each section in the right order

  7. References
  8. The last section where you cite your sources and stay careful about the punctuation and citation rules in this section

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