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Helpful Recommendations on Writing a Research Paper on Holocaust Survivors

If you study the events and consequences of the World War II, you may be given the assignment to write a research paper about Holocaust survivors. Creating papers on topics related to history has its own features, so it’s advisable to learn how to organize your actions before you begin writing anything.

How to Write a Research Project on Holocaust Survivors

  1. Choose a narrow aspect of the topic.
  2. There are plenty of things related to Holocaust survivors that can be studied. If you want to create a paper that will have a real value and impress your instructor, you should focus only on one aspect. You may concentrate your study on the life of a particular person, for example.

  3. Conduct a thorough study.
  4. When it comes to history topics, you should learn the exact dates of events and other important details to analyze your topic properly and provide the readers with truthful information. You may need to consult your instructor or other professionals to learn about the books and articles that you should examine.

  5. Make a good outline.
  6. Writing an academic paper without an outline is a bad idea. There is too much information to keep in your head if you wish to compose your text without creating a thorough plan. With an outline, on the other hand, you will only need to follow your notes during the process of writing, so the structure and contents of your paper won’t suffer.

  7. Write the main chapters.
  8. Many good writers prefer to compose body chapters first. This allows them to create relevant introductions and conclusions later. Writing a research paper on a history topic, you should maintain a serious and academic tone. Don’t use too many little-known terms, however, because your paper should be interesting to read not only to a historian but also to an ordinary student.

  9. Write the additional sections.
  10. After the body of your paper is ready, you should create such sections like “Appendices” and “Bibliography.” In the former, you should include different tables, pictures, or graphs that cannot be included in the body. In the latter, you should list all the sources used during your study and referenced in your text. Don’t forget to format these sections properly.

Editing Your Research Paper

Before you submit your academic work, you should make sure that it doesn’t contain grammar mistakes, typos, and awkward phrases. You may revise it by yourself but it’s advisable to give it to a competent academic editor for a better result.

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