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What Are the Essential Parts of a Qualitative Research Paper?

There are a number of different qualitative methods that are used in social sciences. Together, these best practices must be used to create a qualitative research paper. Before starting to write, students should make sure that they use the following tips to make sure that they get the best grade possible.

Determining the Purpose

As students begin their project, they must determine if the research methods are ideal for their purpose. Different studies and projects will require unique techniques. If the student is not sure what type of methods they should use, they can always talk with their professor, an academic adviser or a tutor to get some extra help.

Non-Probability Sampling

Some of the best examples of qualitative work includes or is founded on non-probability sampling. This type of project requires combining different organizations, people or samples of behavior. It is not always needed for a paper, but it can be a useful tool for students.

Include the Methodology

Every paper must include a section that details the methods that were used. Showing results is not enough unless the student shows how those results were obtained. Fellow students and academicians will want to look through the methodology, sample size or recruitment strategy to make sure that the student has done their job in ensuring the accuracy of the results.


One of the most important factors to consider is the way that people, groups or the sample were recruited. Ideally, these participants should have been recruited at random and the purpose of the study must have been detailed to the participants. In addition, students must make sure that they explain how the data was collected, recorded and analyzed.

Contextualizing the Data

At some point in the paper, students must contextualize the data that they are presenting. The reader needs to know how this information changes the current state of the field and what phenomena from the trials could be integrated into the world. Any influences that were a part of the study should also be discussed and demonstrated in the paper.

Like any assignment, students should take some time to thoroughly edit the research paper before they turn it in. In addition, the student will want to read through some examples prior to turning in the assignment. By reading through examples, individuals can learn exactly what will be expected from their writing and how to format it. Students can also ask their professor for help if they have any remaining questions.

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