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Research Paper Writing Suggestions: 10 Thought-Provoking Topics

A research paper is a critical academic assignment owing to the amount of research and effort involved. Students have to make sure that they create a paper after thinking critically and planning their time. This is important because a research paper is not something that you can complete overnight. It takes weeks and even months to complete an effective paper on a unique subject. The most important thing you need in order to start your paper is the topic that you will choose. This is critical because once you have the title; you can decide the rest of the scope, perform experiments, gather data, and analyze the materials to include in your paper.

If you do not have a title to begin with, you will not have the direction for your paper. You can read and gather anything you like but it will be useless unless you have the right direction. You have to choose a strong title and a proper niche to address in your paper. This is important because you have to narrow down one area. You cannot address an entire subject in one paper because it is lengthy and you will miss some important aspects. It is therefore necessary that you narrow down the subject and find one area to address. You should also keep the target audience in your mind and choose a title that can engage them. You can use the terminologies and less common abbreviations if it is common for your field. The audience would know of these things if they were from the same field.

If you are to pick a thought provoking topic for your research paper, then you should put some efforts and choose a title carefully. To be able to choose a strong topic for your paper, you will have to understand the subject and find a narrowed down niche. Once you have a problem to solve or a niche to address, you should brainstorm the solutions and ideas. One idea will lead to another and soon you will have a list to choose from. You can refine the list by eliminating the ones you do not need

Here are some ideas to consider for a strong topic

  1. Evolution
  2. Darwinism
  3. Genesis
  4. Black Death
  5. Civil War
  6. Indo Pak
  7. Vietnam
  8. Iraq war
  9. Terrorism
  10. Inflation and deflation

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