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Palliative care is the specialized medical attention that is administered to patients who have severe illnesses. It focuses on the provision of patients with relief from the symptoms and the stress that is brought by acute diseases. Palliative care has an aim to improve the quality of life for both the families and the patients. The care is mainly provided by doctors and other specialists who are specially trained to work together with the patients and other doctors so that they can provide support to the patients. It is not limited to any age, but it is appropriate to people of all ages and at any stage of the acute illnesses. It can also be provided a curative treatment. Palliative care can be used to treat persons with chronic and severe illnesses such as cancer, Cardiac diseases and many more. It focuses on the symptoms of the disease such as pain and depression. Patients can gain the strength and courage to carry on with their daily lives even with the illness and their ability to tolerate medical treatments is enhanced. Palliative care helps patients also have more control over the understanding and the choices for treatments that are needed. Palliative care is vital to the field of Medicare since it brings about a team approach to health care with the doctors and nurses being the core members of the group. The group supports the patients and their families in their every step by helping them understand the significance of their treatment and the options and goals that they should have. It also helps in the control of the symptoms.

Literature Review

From previous literature articles, palliative care is cost effective in various medical centers. There was a 60% drop reported in the healthcare costs since the palliative care was introduced in the sector. The healthcare systems can use the cost avoidance so as to save money. For example; the patients cost of daily palliative care unit and the intensive care unit cost. In comparison o the conventional care, palliative care is considered as cost effective in reducing unnecessary utilization of resources. Palliative care has focused on the efficient and the effective care that is centered on the patients. Alzheimer’s is a disease that is difficult, and it is both affiliated in many levels that include mental, physical and emotional. There have been studies showing the interventions can be very beneficial for both the families and the patients themselves. The programs do not however cover the interventions involved. Palliative care at home is also available. This is for the patients who in the last six months of their lives and they are living cared for. The increase in the literature enhances the support for a better palliative care for patients with Alzheimer. It is more cost effective in very many cases, and there are modifications to the benefits in Medicare.

There are solemn illnesses and the numbers increase over time. By ensuring that the healthcare has been improved in the United States, more palliative care should be implemented by shifting the patient care model. This will ensure that the healthcare is affordable for many people, and there will be different healthcare delivery and payment reform models. The introduction of palliative care has been notably important in extending the lifespan of the patients with chronic diseases. This is because of the fewer hospitalizations and the low rates of patients with depression. The prevention treatment is better and families can now have caregiver's support. They are actually educated on what palliative care entails and with this information people can agree to the methods of palliative care.


The study compared patients who were diagnosed with poor-prognosis to those patients that had enrolled in standard medical care. These patients were used to compare the healthcare costs and the financial utilizations. Cancer patients are the single largest number of patients, who use the hospice care, and therefore they require particular attention and palliative care is necessary for them. They also have the highest number of enrollment with the highest rates of hospice that stays less than three days. From the research, there were beneficiaries who were found in the hospice with patients being hospitalized less and receiving intensive care that is less. Patients were also found to have fewer deaths in the hospitals due to the skilled nursing facilities. Palliative care has begun to flourish in the health services across the United States. Acronyms such as SPARK have been used in the care management program. The acronyms stand for, Self-care; Pain and symptom management; Additional care; Respect needs; Kindness. They seek to improve the management of clinical and patient-centered relationships that are long-term with better coordination between the health care and the clinical relationships. There have also been notable improvements in the management of healthcare costs. The findings of the study can be illustrated in different tables to represent the researched data. Even with these differences, the important thing to take away from the analysis of the data is ensuring a better understanding of the needs and the beneficiaries of the health care programs and systems. The study is free of bias selection of the understanding of the costs and the satisfaction of both the family and the patients. The outcomes differ across the different treatments that are administered. Although the integration of SPARK is considered high, the financial benefits are more important to the healthcare advantages, and they work effectively to incorporate the team that provides support.

Work Plan

The work plan involves the various steps that can be taken in the research. Field sampling may be used in the research to find out the effectiveness of the palliative care. A survey will be carried out to determine its effectiveness by going to the patients who have undergone through the palliative care and what their experiences were like. Through this way, the research can undoubtedly find out the necessary improvements that should be made to the program and how the patients benefit from the program. This will need various methods to collect information such as questionnaires and interviews. This will be an easy way of collecting data from many people and in the shortest time possible.

Data analysis is also necessary for the work plan. It will be needed to analyze the data that is collected. It is easy to gather data from the doctors and nurses them on the effectiveness of the palliative care. Through this way, it is easy to find out the effectiveness of the program and also it is important I gaining a firsthand view from them. It will ensure that the situations that affect the program and the healthcare sector are made so as to accommodate the growing needs that need to be met. With the use of sampling, the methods that are used to analyze the data selected can be redefined by the researchers. The detailed fields of the data collected from the healthcare sector will be used to outline the results and the steps that are needed. However, if this task is tooc omplicated for you, there's always a possibility to buy a research paper online.

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