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Composing An Excellent Research Paper On Impact Statement

An impact statement is one made to communicate how certain activities can make a social, environmental or economic difference. It summarizes an initiative, why it needs to be put in place or why it was put in place, the people that benefit from it and how they can benefit from it. When writing a research paper on an impact statement, be sure to know who your audience is and include the following items.

What is it?

By addressing what it is, you are providing your audience with what they will be reading. You will also be providing them with what they should be able to do when it comes time to write one based on your research.


Talk about the general format for what the statement should look like. The format should include an introduction to the problem as well as proposed and alternative solutions and a statement of the costs and benefits of all the solutions that were proposed. The benefits should include the specifics of who will benefit from the solution. A recommendation for the best option is also vital. This could be the proposed solution or the alternatives. These are also known as the initiative, action, results, and purpose.


Inform your readers about the formula for composing a great impact statement. This discussion may seem similar to the format. However, it will have the issue/problem statement, the action statement (how the work resolves the problem highlighted and why the problem is considered a problem), impact/benefits of the actions, the people who will be responsible for bringing about the solution (contributors and collaborators) and finally the contact information and the author of the statement.


Provide some suggestions about impact statements that your readers can look into. The most common ones are environmental and societal impact statements.

Finally, composing an excellent research paper on something like an impact statement requires the usual necessities of writing. Be organized in your writing, find sources that help back up your claims, know who your readers and audience are, understand what you are writing about and most importantly, enjoy the topic that you are writing about.

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