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The 15 Best Political Science Term Paper Ideas For College Students

Developing good political science term paper topics depends on how you view your assignment. Political science can be broken down into smaller areas such as international relations and comparative politics. Your interests and what you have learned in this area so far will help you find a suitable term paper topic. The following details provide general insight on how to choose your topic along with 15 examples to inspire your own original ideas.

Using Brainstorming Techniques to Develop Original Term Paper Ideas

Original ideas for your paper will likely come from brainstorming. This includes writing ideas that come to mind as you think about something general in nature. You can develop all sorts of ideas and the method encourages you to be creative and develop something authentic. Term paper ideas can also come from notes you have taken throughout your coursework. You can review notes from class discussions and previous homework assignments to encourage brainstorming. After you have made your list review your ideas and cross off those you don’t want. You can complete the method as many times as necessary to help you find a suitable topic for your term paper.

How to Choose Your Paper Topic and 15 Ideas to Get You Started

Choosing your topic can be easy when you think about areas you want to explore. Consider sources you will have access to when researching your topic. If you have a good number of sources within reach you can make your term paper topic very interesting. What areas of interest you want to learn more about? The topic idea should be something you can form a strong thesis statement and be able to provide enough supporting evidence. Here are 15 ideas to inspire term paper topics of your own.

  1. Detailed description of discipline.
  2. How wars helped in political developments.
  3. How religion plays a role in civil society.
  4. Why terrorism is difficult to control.
  5. Conflicts related to ethics.
  6. Political issues and gender relations.
  7. The effects of social movements.
  8. Changes in political culture.
  9. Conflicts relating to balance of power.
  10. International relations and women.
  11. Analysis of foreign policy.
  12. World systems and their level of dependency.
  13. International regimes or and organized crime.
  14. Local and state government development in contrast.
  15. Socialism in current society.

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