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Interesting Ways to Begin a Research Paper: 7 Intriguing Ideas

Any paper you compose needs to start and to finish strongly. You want to get your reader’s attention and then to firmly close the piece without any lingering questions. If you are at a loss as to how to begin your research paper with a bang, we have seven great ideas for you.

7 Intriguing and Interesting Ideas on how to Begin a Research Paper

  1. A quote-you can start with a relative and appropriate quote that will make the reader think about he subject and then grab the reader’s attention
  2. A question-if you present a question on an interesting matter, you reader will want to read more to see if the answer is given later in the piece, this is a great way to start the term essay
  3. A story-if you can briefly tell a story which is relative to the subject, it is a great way to introduce your topic, make sure the story fits well in an academic piece and is not too informal
  4. Part of a phrase-if you want to complete a circle with your paper, you can give part of the circle (a phrase or sentence) in the first paragraph and finish it in the final paragraph, this is called coming full circle, or you could use a phrase or word and then repeat it in the last paragraph, many writers use this clever tool in their compositions, it is very effective at the start of a piece
  5. A hypothetical situation-you can give a “what if” scenario or “what if” question in the introductory paragraph, you do want to make sure that the situation is appropriate for the classroom and that it intrigues your readers
  6. A comparison-you may wish to use a comparison to something that is relatively well-known in your introduction, this will cause an important connection between you and the person reading your paper, connections are good
  7. A statistic or data-if you are able to present to your reader an alarming statistic or piece of data in the first of your paper, then you will be able to easily grab your audience’s attention, you want to get the attention of your essay’s audience, make sure to carefully and correctly cite the source of this piece of information and make sure it comes from a reliable place

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