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Composing An Interesting Research Paper About Drug Abuse

Drug abuse or substance abuse is a deep-seated vitiation which is byproduct of today’s lifestyle. It is human nature to tilt towards vices; as they are habitually more convenient. This is why people take to liquor, cigarettes; gambling with effortless ease while they find it very hard to follow a rigorous exercise regimen.

Solving the unrest

The topic of drug abuse has caused enough unrest and asks for pertinent solutions. Formidable research papers on the topic are duly appreciated, especially when they open doors. Here is how you may compose a striking research paper on drug abuse.

Addressing the reason

You first have to address the reasons why people take to drug abuse. The commonest catalyst is drug addict friends, whose repeated cajolement turns one into a drug addict as well. Then, there may be the case of curiosity which leads to the first intake. The reaction is so compelling that one turns into a drug addict.

There may also be other reasons; enforcement, family history, being in the drug business. You need to analyze and scour out the various factors which lead to the dreaded habit.

Analyzing the impact

You then have to systemize the impact of drug abuse. How it makes one dependent on the drug; how it lessens the appetite, dulls the brain, makes one lethargic. How people begin selling assets just to get a few day’s fodder. How it makes one rebellious, impotent and unable to lead a decent life. How such a person starts avoiding gatherings.

The research should map out both the psychic and physical effects of drug abuse.

The economic viewpoint

It is an extremely interesting point of research that drug abuse is independent of financial constraints. In plain terms, a drug addict will remain one even if the prices go sky high. He will find economic drugs or variants that are easily available. For instance, some people have been found dipping foul socks in water, keeping it for a month and then drinking that water for the throat hit and the sensation.

It is actually true that most of the drugs are extremely expensive; like cocaine and brown sugar.

The solution

Your research should conclude with solutions. There are drugs that wean off but again, they cause a sense of dependence. There are rehab centers but these are susceptible to relapses. You need to cut out a systematic research to find long-term solutions to turn a drug addict into a normal person. It will be an admirable effort on your behalf.

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