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How to Check a Research Paper for Plagiarism: 5 Tools Utilized by Your Professor

With so many online essays, homework answers, schoolwork, and thesis writing help sites, students have a number of options available for cheating. Students who choose to plagiarize a paper will need to make sure that they are not caught. In general, there are five different ways that teachers check for plagiarism. Smart students can avoid plagiarism charges by learning how to work around these plagiarism checks.

In-Class Essays

Before assigning a major paper, many teachers will use an in-class writing assignment to see how the student writes. Especially in smaller classes, the professor will become familiar with the student's personal voice, grammar issues and argument style. By making students write in class, the professor ensures that they can catch anyone who cheats. Students who wants to avoid plagiarism charges should go back through their purchased essay. They should modify each sentence to suit their writing. If the student is an exceptionally poor writer, they may even want to throw in some typos and spelling errors.

Searching for the Passage

Other teachers will do a simple search for a well-written passage online. If the paper was copied from the Internet, it will appear in an online search. Students should either buy a customized paper or modify every sentence. If every sentence is rewritten, it will not appear in an Internet search.

Key Phrases

Teachers who are exceptionally suspicious may take the previous step farther by searching for key phrases. The teacher knows that sentences may be rewritten, so they try to find smaller phrases online. Students must be certain that their rewriting was done well if they do not want to get caught.

Plagiarism Checking Software

Some professors now scan each essay through plagiarism checking software before they begin grading it. This type of software scans the entire paper to see if any words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs match an online text. It is the toughest type of program to fool, and students will have to be extremely cautious. The student will need to be an expert at paraphrasing to beat this software. If they are not an expert, the student should hire someone to write an original, custom paper.

Searching for the Topic

Most students are smart enough to change the title. Unfortunately, they may not have changed it enough. A professor may search for the title of an essay to see if a similar paper pops up. Even if the student paraphrased the entire paper, the professor will be able to spot the plagiarism of ideas if they can find the example paper online. Students should always make sure that they change the title to something unique before submitting the paper.

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