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By the time you get to college you should be, repeat, should be a reasonable expert when it comes to writing essays and research papers in particular. If you haven't grasped the basics of knowing how to write a research paper well, study the details in this particular article.

The most important thing to understand is that the fundamentals of good research paper writing have never changed. They work for millions of students who have received a high score and kind remarks on the quality of their research paper. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. The basic steps are tried and tested.

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Here are the fundamentals.

By applying the basic fundamentals of good research paper writing to your own work, you greatly increase the chances of being successful.

Pick A Topic

Choosing a topic in which you have a strong background or a keen interest in studying in the future are also valuable assets.Your enthusiasm for the topic will come across in your writing and that can only be good.


But if you love the topic, that in itself is not enough. You have to be able to find relevant research material. If you can find lots of terrific material but take too long to read and notate it, then your writing will suffer.

Take Notes

When you find the research material you then need to start researching. You need to become an expert at taking notes. Do you have valuable sources and the relevant information for citing references?

what to know when writing a research paper

An outline or plan of what you plan when writing your research paper is the equivalent of the architectural drawing for the building of a house. If you get the plans spot on, your chances of building quickly and easily and well are greatly improved. Take your time in creating the outline. Do practical things like placing the main point at the beginning of each paragraph and any minor points to support each major point listed as well. Keep the outline with you at all times. Refer to it often. Use it as a roadmap as you travel towards the end of your research paper.

Once you've got your outline, you've done all your preparation and research, then you're ready to start writing. Once you do that you write quickly. You don't think about things you simply refer to your outline and write, write and write.

The final step of course is to become an expert at editing and proofreading. There is a difference between these two. With proofreading you are looking for typos, the basic mistakes. With editing you are looking for things such as repetition, straying from the subject and sentences which do not flow one into the other.

The above steps or tips have been followed for generations. Learn them. Absorb them. Put them into your writing and reap the rewards.

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