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How To Create A Research Paper About The History Of Homework In Schools

This sounds like a fun project, right? Aren’t you interested to know what the workload of homework used to be for students of bygone eras and how that compares to your own? I know I am.

Picking a topic…

First thing’s first. You need to pick a particular area within the subject to use as your topic. It’s best to select something you are passionate about, as this will always reflect positively in your writing- but you also need to pick something where you can cite different opinions and respected studies to aid your aims and objectives. Such questions you may wish to explore in order to arrive at your pinpointed topic could be: what of the different social dynamics and effects of poverty or war and how did this impact on students’ time spent on education? Or: how did the nature of homework change with regards to education always changing, as we’re always discovering things anew?

There are many areas to research when it comes to this broad subject, so I’m sure you’re able to create a fascinating essay on your chosen area- but one last word of advice: try to be as original as you can!


Now you need to research your subject as much as possible. The more varied but empirical sources you can use the better. Your campus and public libraries will be invaluable to you, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask the librarian. You’ll also be able to find information online, but make sure that it comes from respected sources. To go that extra mile, try to find something that hasn’t been cited before. You may find the perfect reference in an old academic journal, or by contacting a professional for a short interview, for instance.


Once you have collated your research and made plenty of notes, it’s time to put everything in order. Establish what your aims and objectives are for the assignment. Create a rough outline of the essay, deciding on which information belongs where. Come up with initial chapter headings. Then start creating your first draft.

The introduction is best written last, so that you can incorporate an overview easily, seeing as you will already know the content of your assignment at this stage. The chapters do not need to be of equal length, but you should make sure each one has its own identity and purpose. Just as much time should be spent on your conclusion as the rest of the essay. Ask whether your intentions were met and what summations may be made.

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