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The Main Parts Of A Research Paper: Creating An Introduction

The term paper consists of a number of sections, where all these sections have some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled by the students. If you are thinking about the marks, then it must be noticed that each and every section of your paper has some definite weightage towards the final score of your term paper. The important section also includes the parts in the pre and post sections of the paper. There are standard requirements for all the sections according to the format or the writing style of term paper that you are assigned from your university. If we talk about the main part or the core of the term paper, then the introduction part is the most important of all. It is crucial because, the students are required to make a good impression here on all their readers and the teacher who will evaluate the students. If they miss out with a quality introduction, then the readers will be least interested in reading out your paper any further which is a kind of defeat for you. Therefore, make sure that you are good with the details and come up with some really amazing content at the start, which is relevant to your topic of research.

Tips for writing a good quality introduction:

The following are the tips for writing a good quality introduction:

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