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A List Of Common Research Paper Topics To Avoid

Common research paper topics can be something of interest or something controversial. Yet, they are often ideas students are encouraged to avoid for a number of reasons. Some subjects have little information to discuss. Some research paper topics are known to be plagiarized. Others just happen to be topics easily chosen because students know they can throw something together on it quickly without doing much research. Here is a basic list of common topics to avoid for research paper writing.

  1. Abortion. A research paper on abortion is something that has been written about over and over again. While it is an important issue there may be limited topics to discuss that are innovative.

  2. Gun control. This topic for a research paper can be interesting but in some cases this is more of an argumentative topic. There are political aspects that could be interesting to write about some may not explore.

  3. Capital punishment. This is another research paper topic similar to abortion. There are strong opinions and it can be difficult to develop a unique angle to write about if it hasn’t been done already.

  4. Bullying. This topic has ever changing concepts that may prove effective or non-effective. This can be a sensitive topic to write about for some people and it can be a challenge to learn about from different perspectives.

  5. Same sex marriage. Another topic of interest that can be sensitive to write about when you are not sure how to present information. This issue often brings high emotions because many people support it or are against it.

  6. Politics. This topic presents a number of complex ideas that may leave students taking too much time to collect information. As with other topics it can be difficult to present something without strong disagreement and lack of understanding.

  7. Race. Another topic known to offend others at times depending on how details are presented. In cases where content is offensive it may simply come from not thoroughly reviewing data as it was collected.

  8. Religion. A complex topic with details you need to be sure you get correct or you could offend others by accident.

  9. Smoking. Many are for it or against it and we know this already. So what is new?

  10. Education. Another topic with complex issues that often see similar end results.

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